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Unlike other new teams in the space, our goal is to develop leasehold by drilling wells.

Derby Exploration is a private equity-backed company focused on leasehold acquisition and development within an AMI in the STACK extension of Blaine and Dewey Counties of Oklahoma.

Building upon years of execution with basin-specific non-operated working interest partnerships, the Derby management team began fundraising around an operations-focused business model in 2016. Leveraging upon years of relevant institutional knowledge and experience, the team continues to evaluate and develop opportunities with a focus on efficiency and sound returns.


To continue to reinforce the reputation as a distinguished independent oil and gas company renowned for its disciplined approach to lower-risk, cash-flowing acquisitions that deliver exceptional cash-on-cash yields to our investors. Through meticulous due diligence and strategic foresight, we aim to identify and acquire assets with proven reserves and stable production profiles, minimizing operational risks while maximizing returns. Our vision encompasses a steadfast commitment to generating consistent cash flows, optimizing asset performance, and prioritizing shareholder value through high-yield distributions. Rooted in integrity, transparency, and financial prudence, we aspire to establish a legacy of sustainable growth, resilience, and prosperity in the dynamic landscape of the oil and gas industry.

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